Devlog Week 24

This week’s devlog will be short, since I spent it mostly on 3D models, so it’s more of a show than a tell.

First off, I made a “torn sticker” smart material in Substance Designer, to be used in Substance Painter. Combined with projection warping, it makes creating stickers and labels a breeze. For important labels it will be just a starting point, and more care will be given to it, but for smaller or less important ones it will be more than enough.

Torn Label Smart Material

I also took the opportunity to save a few dirt and wear and tear smart materials, now I have presets that would do 80% of the work and I don’t have to repeat the work all the time.

With that said, I made the first batch of props for the train station environment, which are wet floor signs, a fire hose box, first aid kit box, fire alarm and trigger, mop bucket, a flag pole (with a place holder flag), mop bucket, vents, and emergency phone/button. The props have a triangle count varying from just 10 triangles for the vents, to 2.2K for the mop bucket, totaling 5.5K for all of them.
Here are a few renders

I also needed a vending machine model. It needed more attention than the rest, especially materials, and therefore I spent almost 2 days on it and some graphics it needed. The graphics will be repurposed for other uses, such as poster ads, and the vending machine is also reusable, so it’s worth the time and effort.
I had fun making product renders for fake soda cans, it reminded me of my freelance product visualization days.

The logo was made a long time ago, in the first weeks of development. I will continue to use it on food and random products. The name “Izirdi” means “mongoose” in Kabyle, my mother tongue, if you’re wondering.

I used those for the vending machine model. I chose a non-transparent version that only sells one brand for no reason other than avoiding modelling all the products inside. I will make those products anyway eventually, but for now I’ll only use this kind. It’s only 763 Triangles, and using one 4K texture set.

And finally, I worked more on the corridor kit and made a few more modules

The environment still needs a few more props and materials and I’ll be ready to put everything together in Unreal. I’ll try to get to that by the end of this week.

That’s all, thanks for reading!

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