Devlog Week 23

Here’s a summary of what I did this week


I made a few materials for a train station environment. The first material is a broken tiles material.

The material was created in Substance Designer. I exported two variants for Unreal Engine (normal + broken), as well as a mask texture for color setting. Combined with vertex painting, I could control which areas are broken and which are not. I also overlaid a dirt texture on top, also controlled by vertex color. The workflow and result is shown in the following video.

Tile material with vertex painting

I also made an option to take an image texture and use it as the tile surface texture

I made other materials as well, which include ; painted bricks, black floor tiles, and generic metal.


I made a few generic train station props, like benches, fire extinguisher, trash bins, as well as a modular corridor kit

I still need a lot more props and materials to build the scene with, but it’s not a bad start. I did some tests/blockouts with the models

That’s about it from the art side.

NPC Interaction system

I spent the afternoon fixing some bugs with the interaction system, resulting from my revamping of the canceling interaction functionality, and also from adapting it to work with a new type of interactive objects (skeletal meshes, any object that can be animated). With that said, I implemented an animation interaction type. My intention is to just use it for simple object movements (eg: a ticket dispenser; a lever, a switch turning off and on, gears, an animatronic…etc), but it can be used for non-character skinned meshes if I want to as well, but I can’t think of usage examples right now.

I also changed the default values for dialog lines, making “End” false by default. So if I want to make a dialog line end the interaction once it’s finished then I have to manually set it. It’s easy to get carried away and make long dialog, but the player can cancel any interaction at any moment, and there’s an option to speed up the text too, so it’s not that important if I forget to make a line end the interaction.

And that’s about it for week #23, thanks for reading!

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