Devlog Week #9


This is the first set of utensils I have planned. The set uses 6,490 Triangles total, and shares one 4K texture set. They’re probably too detailed for environment use, but I’m not bothering with manual LoDing right now, if I even need to manually do that, since they’re only used in interiors anyway.


I made a pretty basic wind displacement shader. It’s pretty basic, but it adds some minor movement to elements. I might need to make a better one in the future

I also added the text scrolling feature for my screen shader, which was briefly shown in the previous devlog

I also had an idea to make a PlayStation shader, with the wobbly polygons and pixelated textures. I am not sure if I’ll need it, but it was a quick experiment I wanted to try. The car model is from PSX Style Cars by GGBotNet

Here’s a quick breakdown :

  1. Set Texture filtering to nearest and disable mip-mapping.
  2. Disable Shadow casting from the model properties.
  3. Use the material setup in shown below (“PSX Shader”), make sure the shading model is set to “Unlit”. It has 3 main components : vertex-based specular lighting, emulated low precision (the wobbly shape, which is basically all vertices snapping into a grid), and a “perspective correction undo” that I’m not sure how to achieve yet, I have to understand the formula to find a way to undo it
  4. Add a post process volume and disable auto exposure. Manually adjust it if needed.
  5. Create a material, set its domain to “Post Process”. Use the setup in the second picture to pixelate the screen. Adjust “Pixel Size” if necessary, but I found that a value of 4 works best for 1080p monitors
  6. Add the material to the post process volume created in step 4


I started following a course called Unreal Engine 5 Visual Novel and Narrative Game Design. My game is not a visual novel, but the logic is similar enough

I also finished setting up this website and blog.

That’s all for this week. Thanks for reading!

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